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5 Tips I Give My Kids About Air Travel

March 3rd, 2011 · 2 Brilliant Opinions · Travel Tips

After I saw a 3 year old get a pat down by a security officer at the Los Cabos International Airport (yes out of the stroller missy) – I decided to give my kids a quick tutorial on air travel.

  1. Be kind, be courteous and be quiet when boarding. Flight crews are under a lot of stress.  The days of in the air meltdowns are largely over.  I’ve seen loud and unruly travelers threatened with “removal.”
  2. You might have to be searched. I’ll be right there with you. Don’t be afraid. The security officers are sort of like doctors for planes.  They help keep us safe.  No one else is allowed to touch you unless you are at the doctor’s office and I’m present.
  3. Customs inspectors make sure no foods, plants, drugs and animals are illegally brought into the country. This helps prevent the spread of disease.   (Sorry, your new “pet” turtle is not going home with us.)
  4. That little bag in the seat pocket is not a “goody bag”.  If you feel sick, grab it and hold it near your mouth.
  5. My credit/debit card doesn’t work in the air  🙂  – so sorry,  I can’t purchase that candy for you! Yes, I’m lying, but if you “believe” in the tooth fairy or Santa – just roll with this one.

Do you have any tips you share with your kids when you travel?


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