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Best NYC Marathon Costumes 2011

November 6th, 2011 · 5 Brilliant Opinions · Random Things That Make Me Smile

What a fantastic accomplishment to  run the NYC Marathon – 26+ miles – through all five boroughs. But its an entirely different feat to do it in full costume!  Cheers to the athletes/comedians who brought a smile to my face today!

The runners head down Lafayette Avenue in Brooklyn

Pimped out in fur coat

Runner with Flag

Running in a tutu

No costume - but he stopped to dance with this spectator

Dancing Runner

Dancing Runner heads off to Central Park

Cowgirl runner

Captain America high fives a fan

Going Green

Human Anatomy Skinsuit


Dribbling a basketball without missing a step

Me - running - in place!

Feel free to send me any photos of your favorite costumes from today’s NYC marathon. It’ll add them to the list.  You can email me at ann@waterwinetravel.com  Ok I ‘m going to sit down now… feeling a little winded.


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