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October 31st, 2010 · 3 Brilliant Opinions · Random Things That Make Me Smile

From Halloween until the end of the year, my kids are in heaven.  We usually get our costumes together right after Labor Day Weekend.  This year my daughter was a Goth rag doll.  My son was a bleeding skeleton – complete with fake blood and pump.  (Why wouldn’t he be Winnie the Pooh?).  I was Robyn ‘Da Hood.  I love my life but it is great to be someone different and scandalous once a year.

Robyn Da Hood

Big P does not celebrate Halloween for religious reasons but he does let us have our fun.  He is not super pious about it – and still smokes cigars, drinks rum and cusses from time to time.  I figure if he can do all that – what’s the harm in wearing a costume once a year?

We usually do the neighborhood Halloween walk each year. The event is so large that several city streets are closed off to traffic. We meet near a local university and are given a map of homes pre-selected for trick or treating.  We never make it to all the homes but love to scope out the great decorations.  One home does a series of live performances every year.  This year the show was the Vampire Opera.


Here are a few great scenes from our walk tonite.  Sleep tight!



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  • Jackie

    Love the costumes. Your kids are certainly creative, no surprise given their creative Mama. It sounds like you and the kids had great fun and your neighborhood looks great.

  • Ann

    Jackie – sometimes its hard being a city kid and a city mom. But Halloween here in the hood is great. Love to you and your tribe.

  • kennis

    maid marianne has nothing on you…great pics!!!

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