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Compensation Levels

I have been getting calls, e-mails and requests to blog about goods, services, resorts and travel venues. In general, I blog about places, hotels, restaurants, vineyards I have actually been to.  (Sorry no blind endorsements!)  I have a soft spot for female and minority owned businesses  but will blog about anything and anyone that makes me smile.    I am happy to attend events, go on trips, eat your food and taste your wines and spirits as long as we both agree on full disclosure.   (P.S. – I am a physician – but I  don’t blog about medical devices, patients, healthcare reform etc. – you get it.) Here’s my policy – obviously subject to change.

This policy is valid from November 25, 2010 and may be changed at any time, without notice.  This policy is not retroactive and posts made before November 25th do not necessarily adhere to these policies.  Small changes and  additions may be made to this policy without being noted in any special way in the text.

WaterWineTravel.com is a personal blog written and edited by Ann.  For questions about this blog, please contact Ann at waterwinetravel.com.

Compensation levels will be stated clearly at the beginning or end of any post that mentions a product, service or location that is covered by any of the levels listed below (or possibly within a post if there are many products listed, such as a gift list).  If no compensation level is listed, it is to be assumed that there was no compensation involved with the post or any products, services or locations mentioned in the post. For the purposes of these levels user does not consider transportation to and from a local event, or food consumed at an event, as compensation.  Compensation refers to cash, gift certificates, products, or services.

  • Level 0: The blogger was not compensated for the product or service mentioned in this post.
  • Level 1: The product or service mentioned was provided to the blogger free of charge (or at a considerable discount not available to the public).
  • Level 2: The product or service mentioned was provided free of charge and the blogger was compensated to post about the product or service.
  • Level 3: The blogger was compensated for inserting links from a specific website into this post.
  • Level 4: The blogger was compensated for including a product in pictures or videos in this post.
  • Level 5: The blogger was compensated for attending the event mentioned in this post.
  • Level 6: The blogger was compensated for posting about the event mentioned in this post.
  • Level 7: The blogger was provided with transportation, food, lodging, tickets, and/or other incidentals for the trip mentioned in this post.
  • Level 8: Although not specifically compensated for this post, the blogger has an ongoing financial relationship with a company or person connected with a product, service or location mentioned in this post that the blogger feels may have influenced his/her decision to post about it.
  • Level 9: Products or services were provided to the blogger to give away in a contest.
  • Level 10: Products or services were provided to the blogger to give away in a contest and to keep for his/her own use or for review.
  • Level 11: the blogger was compensated for administering this contest.
  • Level 12: The product or service mentioned advertises directly with the blogger’s website.
  • Level 13: This is a sponsored post.  The blogger was compensated to write this post.  While the blogger’s opinions in the post are authentic, talking points may have been suggested by the sponsor.


If the blogger is given free products of minimal value at a conference, event or meeting that are being given to all attendees, such as bags, books, water bottles, small product samples, coupons, etc., he/she does not consider these items as compensation and will not necessarily disclose them when talking about a product.

Stella & Dot

I am an independent stylist with Stella & Dot. By clicking on a link and purchasing items from Stella & Dot that may be displayed on this website, I will earn a commission based on sales.


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This disclosure has been adapted from SelfishMom.com.  Thanks Amy – you are the best!