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How Not to Get Your Kids Drunk When Traveling in the Caribbean

August 14th, 2011 · 6 Brilliant Opinions · International Travel, Travel Tips

Yep – we did it. We accidentally gave our kid an alcoholic beverage while we were traveling in Grenada.  I felt guilty and ashamed at first. Then I did the only thing any mother in her right mind would do – I blamed Dad.   I don’t want you to make the same mistake that Big P made.  You can thank me later.

We were at a restaurant and our son wanted a Ginger Beer.  Ginger Beer should really be called Ginger Soda.  Big P ordered it. When the bottle came, he asked if it was non-alcoholic. The bartender said it was.  Our 8 year old drank it and then started reading the label.  He turned to Big P and asked, “It has 1.5% alcohol. Am I going to die?”  I’m not sure what Big P’s response was … there was too much smoke coming from ears for me to hear.  I am sure he saw scenes from his 55 year life and the glow of the “bright light.”

So for the record, Ginger Beer Shandy is an alcoholic beverage that is popular in the Caribbean.  It looks like this.

Ginger Beer Shandy - has alcohol

Ginger Beer without alcohol comes in a can like this.

Ginger Beer - without alcohol

On a scale from 1-10 (with 10  being the worst score – i.e. You don’t report that your kid is missing until 30 days),  I’m giving this parenting faux pas a 7.  I gave myself an 8 for missing my daughter’s pneumonia (hmmm… I did go to medical school after all).

Let’s be careful and mindful when traveling with our little ones.  What’s the biggest error you’ve made when traveling with kids?


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  • Natasha

    That’s awful. Glad he read the bottle and he is none the worse for the year. The bartender should really have known better. Shandy’s are the Caribbean version of wine coolers.

  • Ann

    Well, we probably should have known better too. It became a big joke to him. Whenever we went out, he would ask for another “beer” 🙁

  • St Martin Island

    So many different drinks from one island to the other, and very tasty. Coke, Sprite, and juices are the way to go for the kids. Besides that I hope you did had fun in Greneda.

  • Ann

    I was pushing the water and trying to keep my hubby from buying the kids the “Chubby” sodas. We had a great time! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  • jenny

    Don’t be ridiculous – children in Europe regularly drink small amounts of alcohol. It’s just fine, and isn’t bad parenting. What would constitute a 9 on the bad parenting scale is cosseting and protecting your kid too much. Get over yourself and eat some cheese.

  • Ann

    Yes, my European friends often remind me of their childhoods where a taste of wine was encouraged. Your comment smacks of a virtual hand smack. I’m off – to have some ridiculous fun today and I’ll take your advice and have some wine and cheese. Thanks for reading.

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