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It Took 40+ Years But I Found a Beach I Hate

February 28th, 2011 · 2 Brilliant Opinions · International Travel

Prior to going to Los Cabos, I started reading other travel blogs to get information on family friendly activities.  One blog mentioned the Medano Beach as a “must do.”  We took a taxi from our hotel to Cabos San Lucas.  Our driver recommended we try the beachfront restaurant – “The Office.”   We asked for a table close to the water. Big mistake. We were immediately surrounded by vendors. Men, women and children selling jewelry, trinkets, tee shirts, hats, blankets.  Listen, they would have sold me the sand if they could.

Medano Beach

Partying, Dancing at Medano Beach

Medano Beach Vendor

At first, we politely demurred.  “Maybe later.” “After I eat.” “Nada.”  When they couldn’t get a response out of me or Big P – they moved on to the kids.  At first the kids seemed to like the attention. That quickly dissipated when they realized we weren’t going to give them any  money to buy anything.   Some of these vendors got so close to  me, I moved my bag for fear one would steal my wallet.  Whenever, some tourist made a purchase, a number of vendors would surround him or her, hoping to cash in.

The tourists were even more of a spectacle.  I saw three sorry looking girls dressed like Paris Hilton.  Then a couple feeding their dogs from their plates. Double yuck.  Medano was also full of drunk young people – I guess the pre-Spring break crowd.  Next door to The Office, the DJ proudly announced “The Booty Shake” contest would be starting soon. Hey, I have a booty and I can shake it … but not in front of my kids.  Then they started signing girls up for the wet tee-shirt contest.  It was almost impossible to get near the water between dodging the drunk college kids, vendors  and folks hawking boat rides, jet-sking and para sailing.

My favorite vendor was a young guy with a pet iguana.  He kept letting young women hold  and pet it  in exchange for a kiss.  Even my son, who loves the water got disgusted. He turned to me and said,  “You wasted our time. We came all the way down here for nothing.”  That’s when I lost it and  called him “a spoiled ungrateful brat.”  We headed back to Cabo Azul, the kids went to the pool with Big P and I got a great massage at Cabo Azul’s Paz Spa.

In short, if you get to go to Cabos, skip the Medano Beach – that is unless  you definitely want to see some booty!


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