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Keeping Marriage Hot – Baking Bread with TheCityFarmers.com

January 27th, 2013 · 2 Brilliant Opinions · Random Things That Make Me Smile

One of my new year’s resolutions is to work on keeping my marriage “interesting.”  This has become particularly challenging since Big P bought a brand new 60 inch TV (But I’m not bitter.)  Before you get your knickers into a twist, this is not an X-rated post.

Before I met Big P, I was always cooking – and I particularly loved baking.  When we first met, we split the cooking 50-50. After the kids came, it shifted to 70-30 (with Big P doing 70% of the cooking).  Now at almost 13 years of  marriage, its 99%-1%.

I miss being in the kitchen.  I also started noticing how much Big P loved the loaves of fresh bread  (cookies and brownies too) we often get from our next door neighbor.

My friends at the city farmers are urban farmers.  They grow herbs and vegetables year round and even have a chicken coop in their Brooklyn backyard.  As long as I’ve known them, they have been treating friends to delicious home made bread. Big P decided to take the bread making class offered by Shay of  thecityfarmers.com.  I thought he would find it exciting to at least see me in a kitchen – even if it wasn’t ours.  Shay is great. Not stuffy, pretentious or a culinary snob.   The class was intimate, limited to six persons, with breaks for cheese, bread, wine and salads.  Shay’s lovely wife even treated us to Brooklyn distilled whiskey.

Bread-making class

Bread making class

Making Olive Bread

Making Olive Bread

And the farmer had a wife ...

And the farmer had a wife …

What's better than baking bread? Eating it!

What’s better than baking bread? Eating it!

We were gifted a batch of wild yeast to start our own bread baking adventure.

Wild Yeast

Wild Yeast

And of course we left with a loaf of fresh bread to boot.

Freshly baked wheat and olive loaves

Freshly baked wheat and olive loaves

What are you doing to keep your relationship “hot?”  Keep it clean people  😉

Compensation Level 0 – unless you count the hugs, laughs, great food and drink I’ve been lucky enough to get from the farmer and his wife.


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  • Cynthia

    I’m working on the same thing this year! I am making an effort to get out of my art studio and spend time with my husband. We have been (out) to dinner twice this month, without our “almost grown” kids. We also sneak out for frozen yogurt on Sundays. And, we both love picking-up odds and ends at Home Depot! So far, so good! Gotta’ keep your marriage strong and breathing!

  • Ann

    Cynthia – Big P would love you. He goes to Home Depot several times a week. I’m going to purchase one of those dutch ovens that Shay of thecityfarmers.com recommended. Wish me luck with the bread – and the marriage 🙂

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