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Nifty and Cheap Stocking Stuffers for Travelers

December 15th, 2010 · 6 Brilliant Opinions · Travel Gear and Gadgets

Big P does not celebrate Christmas … but I love the lights, the tree and I adore Christmas stockings.  I consider it a challenge to find neat, inexpensive gifts that can go into a stocking.  Last year my son got really excited about putting gifts in our stockings. He found small items around the house (gives a whole new meaning to home shopping). He gave his sister a pencil. Buttons got a can of cat food.  Big P got a ruler. I got a Tampax tampon wrapped with twine!

Here are a few of the goodies I’m hoping to get and give  this year.  All items can be found at the Container Store.

1.  Travel Safe  TSA approved travel lock – $10.00   These are a must have for travellers.  “Airport inspectors” broke the lock and zipper on one of my bags the last time I went to the Caribbean.  These locks have a resettable combination and can be opened by the TSA without damaging your luggage.

TSA approved travel lock

2.  Mimi Handbag Hook -$8.00    The only thing dirtier than the bottom of my shoe is the bottom of my purse.   This handbag hook attachs to a bar counter or table top to keep bags off the floor (and not hanging behind your seat – where pickpockets find them).

Mimi Handbag Hook

3.   I love reading with my Kindle on trips.   Too bad my 40+ year old eyes can’t see in the dark. Hoping Santa brings me this Verso – Clip On Light for e-readers.($15)

Verso Clip Light for E-reader

4.   Mini First Aid Kit  and Mini Sewing Set – These pint sized kits are 3 inches long and  will cost you $7 bucks a piece. But if you pop a button or cut yourself – they are priceless.

Mini Sewing Kit

Mini First Aid Kit

Check out my blog post  after Christmas Day.  The title  –  Guy who doesn’t celebrate Christmas gets “ultimate stocking stuffer” Merry! Merry!


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  • Darbi

    lol…thanks for the laugh, your son is hilarious. How old is he?

  • Ann

    He’s seven …. Nice boy and very funny too!

  • Big P

    1010 news….Brooklyn wife gets tickled to death because husband wants to know what’s in christmas stocking

  • Ann

    Hmm… non-Jingle Bells singing, Santa hating, anti-Christmas tree husband wants to know what is in his Christmas Stocking. Really? Really!

  • Karen Chisholm

    hey love the mimi handbook hook, i actually bought several of them and i use them to hide all the wires behind my desk and keep them off the floor! just hung a couple of them from the back of my desk!

  • Ann

    Karen – what a neat idea! I used my
    Mimi handbag hook in Italy for the 1st time to keep my new leather bags from getting dirty.

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