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NYC Blizzard 2010

December 27th, 2010 · 1 Brilliant Opinion · Random Things That Make Me Smile

Our home alarm went off after the snow piled up so high it pushed our back door in (I believe a very active little boy forgot to lock it). That was 4:30 am this morning.  We were giggling last night about the “weather terrorists” scaring the bejesus out of everyone.  By 6:30 this morning I wasn’t laughing.  Big P is sick in bed so I am on snow patrol today.  These photos capture a very beautiful, white and still New York.  One of my neighbors has a snow blower. Forget about keeping up with the Jones. I want to be Mrs. Jones. Grabbing my shovel and heading back out!

[cincopa AsGApZaZp9B5]


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  • Big P

    OK. Ok. The blinkedy blink weather man and mother nature got me this time. Plus I am in bed knocked out with the flu, who do I blame for that?

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