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Pienza, Montepulciano & Chatting With the Locals in Cortona

September 19th, 2011 · No Brilliant Opinions · International Travel

Yesterday we toured Pienza and Montepulciano. Bonita is Catholic and was clearly touched by the artistry of the Duomo and showed us how to light candles for our loved ones at the Temple of San Biagio. The shopping madness continued and we all bought jewelry from local Tuscan artisans. We also stopped in at the workshops of several artists. One artist was kind enough to walk us through the process of how he makes intricate mosaics.

After dinner we had the opportunity to talk to a panel of local folks from Cortona. The children learn English and French from the time they enter nursery school. Young women appear to be independent and interested in establishing their own businesses. All of the panel participants appeared to be hopeful about their future.

One thing we have noted while in Italy is a not so subtle resentment of the Chinese. The Seeker was about to take a photo at a toy shop. She stopped when she saw a “no photos” sign. The staff quickly told her that it did not apply to her “because she was not Chinese.”Afterwards, we talked about the implications of cheap Chinese labor and products on the Italian economy. Italy is pushing the high quality of its goods but if people continue to favor cheaper goods worldwide… It will not be good for their economy.

Enough economics/politics. Our day in pictures.












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