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Portraits at Chuck E. Cheese

November 14th, 2010 · 5 Brilliant Opinions · Random Things That Make Me Smile

Well, there is no place I hate more than Chuck E. Cheese…but my kids love it!  They did find one thing to make me smile there.  There is a booth where kids use one token (the equivalent of 25 cents) and get a black and white self portrait. It’s a bargain and I’m still grinning!


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  • Anne (The Original)

    Love it!

  • Ann

    But is it worth enduring the noise, chaos and junk food?

  • Alison Golden

    Oh, I totally agree! I hate it with a passion but I also have one of those pictures and I love it. Fortunately my kids have outgrown it and we only went there once in a while but ugh, it is a horrible, noisy, money eating place. If I HAD to go there, I would try and use it to teach my kids something – like delaying gratification with the tokens, doing some math with them or practice making good choices with food in the face of some junk. That made me feel better.

  • Ann

    Alison – the next time I go to Chuck E. Cheese – my kids are still pretty young…so there will be a next time….I am going to take some of your suggestions. I especially liked the idea of doing some math games with tokens. Thanks for stopping by…I know you are a really busy super hero 🙂

  • calvin

    great piece i love…when i go i try to out do the kids and i wait in line for rides for my kids like the other parents do…we got next.

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