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Randomosity – It’s September and Time for Momma to Pick Her Halloween Costume

August 31st, 2011 · 4 Brilliant Opinions · Random Things That Make Me Smile

Yikes, September 1st, my official start of the Halloween shopping season.  I should be packing for Italy but nothing gets between me and Halloween.  Last year I blogged about my Halloween activities with the kids.

I grew up with six siblings and don’t remember ever getting a real Halloween costume.  Once in a while my folks would “splurge” for a mask but I was that kid who showed up on your doorstep with a paper bag and a smile, but alas, no costume.

I’m too busy (with work, travel and blogging)  to make costumes for my kids … so I always purchase theirs online and as an added treat I dress up too.  They love it. They help with my makeup and accessories and chuckle at all the attention I get.  Sometimes the comments border on inappropriate.  For Halloween 2009,  I wore this BatGirl costumeand strange old men kept asking to “go to the bat cave.”  (For a lollipop – really!?)

Bat Girl

One dilemma I have when picking a costume is sometimes it looks great… but no one can figure out who I am.  It’s Halloween not Jeopardy.  Someone should see you in costume and know instantly that you are Wonder Woman or a Witch.  No guessing games.  For Halloween 2008 I wore a costume that was really similar to the one pictured below.

Mother Nature costume

Everyone I met kept scratching their head and asking me if I was a “fairy.”  Okay.  For the record, fairies have wings.

This year, for Halloween 2011 I am trying to strike a balance between being fun/sexy and not embarrassing my kids.    Here are a few of the selections I came across on the web. As they say when flying,  “brace yourselves!”

If I was about 40 pounds lighter with abs of steel  – this would be my costume of choice.  (A girl can dream.)  Alas, I’m rocking the Beyonce baby bump (without the baby) – so this one isn’t going to work for me.  I might be a little sensitive here but  I’m not digging the “slave” reference.

Princess Leia Slave Outfit

The dark angel is a possibility – but I’m a little worried about getting down crowded NYC sidewalks in this costume.  I’m after candy not a citation for obstructing the walkway.

Dark Angel Costume

I thought this costume was hysterical  … but with kids… no way.  Also, I wasn’t sure I could get it in a brown-skinned model.

Penthouse Pet Costume

I grew up on Star Trek in the ’70s and loved me some Lt. Uhuru.  This one comes in plus sizes. Ding! Ding!

Star Trek

My last two choices are the  Modern Lady Vampire  and Mrs. Edward Scissorhands.

Modern Vampire Costume


Mrs. Edward Scissorhands

Okay friends, time for you to weigh in.  Is Halloween  just for kids?  Are you dressing up for Halloween?  Which one of the costumes pictured above do you think I should go with?

Disclosure:  Compensation Level 0     I have not received any compensation for this post.  I just love Halloween 🙂


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  • Notorious Spinks

    I’m still lol at this post. Honey I don’t celebrate Halloween but if I did I would be all on the Star Trek as well. I’m a big girl too so I need some chic, haute and appropriate.

    So I’m voting for Star Trek all day long!

  • Ann

    I not a Trekkie per se… but I’m a big fan of that Lt. Uhuru. Okay kids close your eyes… Didn’t she do the horizontal hokey pokey with Captain Kirk? #I’mjustsaying

  • Darbi

    I’m loving this post, thanks for all the laughs…lol. I don’t dress up for Halloween either, but if I did, I’d go as a vampire. And yes, they did do the horizontal hokey pokey, which was scandalous in those days…lol

  • Ann

    Darbi – I’m thinking it will be cold so the long purple vampire dress might be the ticket.

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