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The Honey in My Honey-Do List

May 26th, 2012 · 2 Brilliant Opinions · Hamptons, Random Things That Make Me Smile

In the Hamptons,  Memorial Day weekend marks the start of the summer season.  That’s when I pull out a big “honey-do” list for Big P.  He is a “do-it-yourselfer” on most projects – which saves a heck of a lot of money but is time consuming.  This spring, he built this “condo” for the pool heater and ac units.

Condo for Pool Heater and A/C Units

Big P then used the leftover pieces to build an additon to the shed to store his ladder and tools.   His favorite project was the side panel he made to go adjacent to the shed – it matches the fence perfectly.

Storage for ladder, tools, hose and other boy toys

His favorite project - side panel to match the fence

It’s definitely not summer unless the hammock is up and the lawn irrigation is on.  He has a love-hate relationship with the irrigation system. No one else can touch it but he tinkers with it every weekend from early spring to get all the heads working exactly perfectly.  This usually involves a bit of cussing and a lot of beer.

Big P and "his" irrigation system

Big P is very serious about his flowers.  I always have to warn folks to not cut them.

Big P loves his flowers

Oops. Looks like his mom didn’t get the memo.

Mother-in-law's bouquet

Sometime today this stack of furniture will go up around the pool.

Patio Stuff

He truly deserves to wear the Big “S”.  He is my Superman.  (I think I love “he”)

Where does he keep the cape?

And just in case you’re wondering what I’m doing?  Well, someone has to wait for the FreshDirect guy. Right?

FreshDirect at the door

Have a great Memorial Day folks!


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  • Camille

    I stumbled across your site while searching out information on the Hamptons. I plan to visit this fall, and I wasn’t quite certain where to start…where to stay…which town to go to etc…well reading one article turned into skimming through quite a few and I didn’t want to lurk on your site without saying hello and thank you for the information! Great site…I appreciate you taking the time and energy to share.

  • Ann

    Camille – I’m glad you enjoyed the info on my blog. Let’s stay in touch. I’m on twitter @waterwinetravel.com and facebook – WaterWineTravel.com. To make it even easier- click on my subscribe button.

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