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Top Ten Things I Put in My Carry On Bag

September 24th, 2010 · No Brilliant Opinions · Travel Tips

In the years before the fluid restrictions on flights, I carried lots of soda and water on board.  Now I stick to the essentials.  These are the top ten items I put in my carry on bag.  If I travel with the kids – this list becomes a mini living room (but I’ll write about that later).

  1. Baby wipes – my kids aren’t babies anymore but I love these for cleaning hands, the food trays  and spills.
  2. Tampons – just 2 or 3 …in case the perimenopause throws off my calendar.
  3. Kindle – I own the original Kindle 1. But at $139…this is a travel no brainer.  Download all your books, convert your files to pdf, I even subscribe to the NY Times.
  4. iphone – camera (check), email (check), video (check).  I love you Steve Jobs.
  5. Medications – duh? I know, you are thinking how does a doctor forget her medication.  It happens and  can be a huge disaster.  That’s why I have my doctor’s number on speed-dial.
  6. Gum and Mints – there is something called airplane breath.  It’s like morning breath but staler.
  7. Swimsuit – just in case the airline lost  my luggage … I can still go to the beach upon arrival!
  8. Change of clothing including underwear – with two kids, someone usually ends up throwing up…sometimes all over me.
  9. Socks – one pair for every family member.  We are usually in flip flops or sandals at check-in and I hate standing on the cold, dirty floor.
  10. Travel lock – get the TSA approved ones that allow them to open your bag for inspection.  I always carry a lock just in case all the bins are full and my bag has to get checked.

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