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Torn Between Two Loves (Twitter and WordPress) – I Found Tumblr

March 31st, 2011 · 2 Brilliant Opinions · Random Things That Make Me Smile

Sometimes I have something to share and the 140 characters allowed by Twitter is just right.  At other times, I have a lot to  say  and a blog post on WordPress is the perfect venue.  And then there are those times I find myself torn between Twitter and my WordPress blog.  Well, I’ve just “discovered” Tumblr.  (Discovered – as in, its been there … but I didn’t know how to use it).  I had read a little about Tumblr in the NY Times and thought it could be a neat way to microblog.

I hope to use Tumblr to show you some groovy sights when I travel – including, but not limited to  great food, art, music and culture.  Tumblr is a super-easy blogging platform. ( If I can do it – anyone can!)  Bloggers can upload photos, text, links to other websites and like Twitter – you can “retweet”  (reblog for Tumblr) posts you like.   I’m looking forward to using my cell phone to call in audio posts when I travel.  I think it would be neat to hear the sounds and chatter of another city, town or country – don’t you?   I’m calling the new site  Water Wine Travel – Up Close.  Please “follow” me at waterwinetravel.tumblr.com.

Please let me know in the comments section if you are on Tumblr (I’ll follow!) or if there are Tumblr blogs you love and want to recommend.


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  • betty ming liu

    i totally agree with you! i’m about to start tumblr too. and i don’t know how to use it either. i recently heard a webcast by tumblr’s founder who said he wanted to create a blog format for people who don’t like to write.

    it’s definitely caught the attention of the original facebook crowd: college students. last summer, i noticed a few of my students had them. now, at least 20%-30% of my students have them. we need them too!

    i’m going to have one of my students give a tutorial on tumblr to our class. after that, i’ll share the info with you. this will keep us young. 🙂

    btw, you can install an app that lets you blog to wordpress from your phone. not sure how i did it but it works.

  • Ann

    Betty – Thanks for your comment. The younger folks are definitely on tumblr and they tend to be the trailblazers on the internet. Please do share the Tumblr tutorial. Hopefully, Tumblr and my new shapewear 🙂 will keep me young. BTW, I’m having my daughter read your post on punctuation – it was great!

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