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Why I’m Giving Up Network News for Lent

March 18th, 2011 · 6 Brilliant Opinions · Random Things That Make Me Smile

Lent is the season for self-reflection, prayer and self-denial.    This past week has left me feeling uneasy, anxious and fatigued. I know the culprit.  I have a secret vice.  I’m a news junkie.  I love network news. I adore the pundits – especially CNN’s Anderson Cooper.  I like my news heavy, flowing and non-stop.

In the wake of some really awful international and local news – I find myself asking “When is network news – just too much news?” Do I really need to know the graphic details of every bus accident in the tri-state area?   Does my day have to begin and end with news reports about  missing persons?   And while Eliot Spitzer may be able to run circles around me  discussing politics – can he really explain nuclear physics to me?  (And do I really need this information in my already cluttered brain?)  What I find particularly disheartening is the rapid fire “heavy” news that is followed by a commercial or the state lottery results.

So I’m giving up network news for Lent.  I feel better already.  Don’t worry about my brain turning to jello – I’ll still read the newspaper.  I’m going to miss Anderson but I’m looking forward to catching up with my favorite home improvement shows on HGTV.  If you’re giving up  something for Lent, please let me know in the comments section.  Peace!


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  • Natasha

    Working on giving up cursing.

  • Ann

    That’s a tough one!

  • Phyllis

    I am working on giving up on worrying. I am obsessed with crossing every T and dotting every I…I am working on having faith….believing everything will work itself out….a few weeks ago I was told that when you worry it means you don’t have faith. After a lot of self reflection, I understand how that holds true in many ways. My giving up on worrying isn’t just for lent…God willing it is for life!

  • Ann

    Okay, this is pretty inspiring … giving up “Anderson” is starting to look like a cake walk! I do think some of the rapid fire imagery and language we get from the media, increases our worry level. Many things are just out of our control. Perhaps, just accepting that fact is the first step.

  • Lisa

    Did Lent start already? Is it too late?? Believe it or not, I went to Catholic school for 8 yrs!

  • Ann

    Lisa – I was raised in the Anglican church but …Lent in 2011 started on Wednesday, the 9th of March and will continue for 46 days until Saturday, the 23rd of April. The 24th is Easter Sunday. So what are you giving up …. its not too late!

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