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Why Traveling With Your Girlfriends Rocks!

September 25th, 2011 · 2 Brilliant Opinions · Random Things That Make Me Smile, Travel Tips

I’m back from Tuscany and I’m bubbling over with all the wonderful things I saw and learned while in Italy.

View of Florence, Italy from Michaelangelo's Square

 I have never done a travel tour but I was really impressed by the professionalism demonstrated by our campus director, tour guides and lecturers.  A big shout out to AHI Travel which sponsors this tour of Tuscany in coordination with the alumni association of Brown University. We had a wonderful and diverse group of people on the trip but what really made it special was the chance to travel with my girlfriends.

The Seeker, Bonita and Diva Goddess

Hey, I love traveling with Big P and the kids – and wouldn’t trade those trips for anything in the world.   So what made traveling with my girlfriends rock?

  1. I have know the Seeker, Bonita and Diva Goddess for 30+ years.  We share a lot of history. The good, bad and the very ugly.  No need to explain a grimace or a sly smile.  They can finish my sentences.  They kept me laughing daily.
  2. Traveling with a husband, partner or boyfriend usually is marred by an arguement of some type – usually about money.  When you travel with your girls, hey its like being set free from the money police.
  3. I found out that the  cost of a good purse in Florence was about 350 Euros. But having three women cheer you on to buy just one more leather bag.  Priceless.

    Shopping at The Leather School in Florence

  4. Your girlfriends will be concerned about your health and well-being.  The Seeker got us up at 6 am every morning to exercise.  She looks fabulous.  When we would complain – her classic retort,  “Don’t hate the player, hate the game.”
  5. Traveling with a few friends makes everything easier. Two of us could scope out the markets for deals while the other two would go check out the art or food scene.
If you want to plan a trip with your gal pals, here’s my advice.
  1. Consider a tour.  Tours have gotten a bad rap but if you only have a week to ten days to spare for travel, having a set itinerary, ground transportation, meals and entry fees to popular exhibits  will decrease the y0ur stress level.
  2. Plan ahead.  We literally booked our trip to Italy a year in advance.  This gave us time to prepare and save.  No stressing over credit card bills when we returned to the US.
  3. Choose your travel companions carefully.  She may seem like your bestie but you’ll probably have a better time if you have similar lifestyles and preferences.
  4. Make every effort to not monopolize your travel companions time.  We worked hard  and as a team to make sure we found the perfect gifts for our loved ones, or got time to see our favorite works of art or even just to sleep.
  5. Stay upbeat and meet other people.  Although we traveled together we also spent time talking and sharing with the other folks on the tour.  We were the “babies” of the group with the vast majority being retired professionals. The retirees seemed impressed that we were able to get away from our jobs and families to travel. Their advice  and  my new mantra – “Live your life.”
I’d love to hear about any future travel plans you have with your  guy or girlfriends. Ciao!  

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  • Mary

    Hi Ann,

    I am planning a short road trip with a girlfriend for this summer. We live in Oklahoma and don ‘t want to use that much vacation time (she and her husband are probably going to Cayman Islands) so I’ve been researching some cool spots in Arkansas. Doesn’t sound exciting but I’ve found a place that will allow us relaxation, shopping and enjoying the sights. We’ve traveled for work together and had a great time. This should be fun.

  • Ann

    You are going to have a blast. Totally love my family but traveling with my “girls” was one of my best trips ever. Take lots of pictures and just indulge!

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