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Wine Fast

January 9th, 2012 · 2 Brilliant Opinions · Random Things That Make Me Smile, Wine

Eight days into the new year and I’ve resolved to take a wine “fast.”  Don’t worry – I know my limits and its only for one week.   A glass of wine is my end of the day “cigarette.”  What’s better to unwind at the end of the day, then a glass of riesling or a robust merlot?  On weekends, I  share a glass with Big P, watch a movie and  just relax.

To me wine is liquid comfort.  I think a “fast” will allow me to find other ways to soothe my spirit.  In addition it may help to knock off a few calories and save a little bit of money. 

A friend of mine recently recommended I do a detox program by Dr. Alejandro Junger, cardiologist, wellness expert and author of the book  “Clean.”  I have not finished the book yet, but from reading the first few chapters it looks like a 1-3 week program that eliminates “toxins” by excluding access to oranges, dairy products, butter, cold cuts, soybean products, peanuts, corn, alchohol, sugar, ketchup, chocolate and coffee.  I figure if I can’t give up wine for a week … there is no way I can do the “Clean” program.

As the new year begins – what new things are you trying and what old things are you giving up?


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  • Natasha

    Hey Ann,
    FYI – It looks like your RSS feed may be down this post came through on FB for me but not in my Google Reader.
    I could easily give up wine for a week – sugar is an entirely different story. Good luck.

  • Ann

    Thanks for the info about my feed…will look into it. I’m on day two of my wine fast. Its amazing how the “liquid comfort” becomes part of a routine. Today, I noticed that I forgot to mail out one of my kid’s middle school applications (it was due Friday), the hubs truck broke down and this week our financial aid applications are due. I’m with you on the sugar… thank god for chocolate.

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