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Faith Without Works is Dead #Haiti #2016

June 21st, 2015 · International Travel, Random Things That Make Me Smile

The  attack on Mother Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church this week has left me depressed, exhausted and angry.  But in the midst of trying to wrap my head around  this act of domestic racial terrorism, I have been inspired by the grace and strength of this congregation.

The black church has been the only American institution that holds a mirror up to the world and reveals to it a message of   black love, self-sufficiency, community, and stewardship.  Today I attended a ministry meeting for “Homes for Haiti.”  Next year, we will be packing up and spending a week in Haiti, working along with the community to build homes for families in need. Haiti-map

I’m excited about the journey ahead.  I’m thrilled to be able to use my faith as a means to heal and build.  Thank you Mother Emanuel for inspiring me.

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Thursday is the New Friday

May 6th, 2015 · Hamptons, Travel Tips, Vacation rentals

After years of trying to outsmart the traffic to the Hamptons, I have a confession; I’ve given up. I’m tired of the 11 pm Friday night drives to the East End. I’m tried of the scuffle for seats on the Long Island railroad.  My 50+ brain can’t seem to remember to make Jitney reservations.  I surrender – to Thursday.

We have endured a brutal winter this year on the East Coast. I say we all deserve a three day summer weekend.  We updated our cottage rental to allow for Thursday arrival and departure only. Even JetBlue has figured out that Thursday is for the fabulous and is now flying direct to Grenada … on you guessed it… Thursday. Yes, Thursday is the new Friday.  But, lets just keep this between friends.  We wouldn’t want to cause a traffic jam.

Thursdays Rule!

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To Bee or Not to Bee?

January 21st, 2015 · Hamptons, Random Things That Make Me Smile, Vacation rentals

Every winter, I question the wisdom of having a vacation. This winter is no different.  We “closed” down our cottage for winter renovations.

A leak in the AC line caused some minor water damage.

Water damage - Bridgehampton

Water damage – Bridgehampton

But the real kicker – we have a nest of yellow jackets in our bathroom. Ugh!  At one point, I thought I heard running water in the walls;  a closer inspection revealed a weak spot in the sheetrock over the tub.  (A pest control person taught me years ago to inspect ceilings and walls for soft spots and defects.)

Look at what Big P found!

Damaged Sheetrock removed

Damaged Sheetrock removed

Underneath sheetrock

Underneath sheetrock

yellowjacket nest



Yellow jackets are dormant in late fall and winter. Big P managed to  remove the hive without any stings.  We are closing up any possible points of entry and fumigating,  but with pests, you have to remain vigilant.

So far I’ve had one vacation ruined by pests.  I’m definitely going to make sure the folks who rent from us don’t face the same fate.

What’s the worst pest you’ve had to deal with on vacation or at home?

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