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Welcome to a world where coastal elegance meets the richness of vineyards, inviting you to explore the allure of sun-soaked shores and the sophistication of wine culture. Embark on a journey that unveils the beauty of seaside escapes paired with the delight of wine tastings, promising unforgettable adventures across captivating destinations.

Discover the enchanting Riviera of France, where the azure waters of the Mediterranean complement the world-renowned vineyards of Provence. Journey to California, where the sun-kissed beaches of Santa Barbara harmonize with the region's celebrated wineries. Experience the unique charm of New Zealand’s Marlborough region, offering pristine coastlines alongside internationally acclaimed Sauvignon Blanc vineyards. From the picturesque cliffs of Italy's Amalfi Coast to the historic vineyards of Spain's Rioja, we'll guide you through an exquisite blend of beachfront bliss and vinicultural treasures, each destination a toast to the senses.

Take A Trip to the World's Most Beautiful Coastal Wine Havens

Nestled amidst fields of lavender, olive groves, and the rhythmic beats of its vibrant nightlife, Hvar is also a haven for wine enthusiasts. This slender island boasts a palette of indigenous grape varieties that may challenge pronunciation but delight the palate. Jo Ahearne, a British Master of Wine and winemaker, began crafting exquisite wines here in 2014, adding yet another layer of allure to this Mediterranean gem.

In the northeastern corner of Sardinia, where the salty winds sweep through rugged, rocky terrain, you'll discover Porto Cervo—an exquisite locale known for producing Sardinia's most revered white wine, Vermentino di Gallura. Drop anchor here and savor the essence of this windswept, sea-kissed landscape in each glass.

Perched on the ridgeline of Alta Alella, with sweeping vistas of Barcelona's cityscape and the sparkling Mediterranean beyond, this organic winery invites you to indulge in both fine wines and mindful living. A mere 20-minute drive from Port Vell marina, it beckons environmentally conscious wine enthusiasts. Enjoy the earthy allure of Capsigrany Cava or the briny complexity of vintage Bruant—all while soaking in the vineyard's serenity or partaking in a rejuvenating yoga session amidst the vines.

Santorini's viticulture is as dramatic as its breathtaking landscapes, with powerful white wines crafted from the Assyrtiko grape, nurtured in the island's volcanic soils. These mineral-rich wines have earned the admiration of Michelin-star sommeliers. On this narrow island, where the sea's embrace is never far away, the marriage of terroir and vine yields wines that are as unique as the island itself.

Before the days of glamour and yachts, vines graced the shores of the Côte d’Azur, setting the stage for Saint-Tropez's wine heritage. Here, rosé reigns supreme, its pale Provençal hues adorning wine lists far and wide. Yet beyond the glamorous façade lies a wine culture steeped in history, a revelation that Sonia Ferchaud, of tour company Beyond the Wine, is eager to share.

Waiheke, aptly dubbed the "island of wine," is a mere whisper away from Auckland, New Zealand's largest city. Nestled in the idyllic Man O’ War Bay, vineyards cascade down steep ridges, their green foliage contrasting the rocky shores. This island gem showcases wines that mirror the pristine beauty of their surroundings, making Waiheke a haven for wine lovers in the heart of the Hauraki Gulf.

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